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Ocean Craft Multiplayer

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Developer: StephenAllen
2 usd

Craft, battle and build underwater as a sea creature online with players around the world!Beautiful 3D map environments, Marine, Atlantis, Castle, FishBowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and GraveyardTeam up to complete quests and battle enemy Piranha and Sharks for shiny experience coins.Be unique, customise and dress up your characters skin, trail colour and perk.Role play and chat safely in game on this cross platform multiplayer, play with friends on almost any device!- Full version differences -Extra characters, Dolphin, Shark, Starfish, Oyster, Jellyfish, Goldfish, Eel, Squid and Orca Killer whaleFive more maps and map options, Fishbowl, Tribute, City, Lighthouse and GraveyardLess adverts Chat input limit increased Secondary bonus perk option Can see more names on scoreboardHelps support servers and the developer
Created and run by one person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ - Steve the Developer.
Cheaters / Hackers will be banned from all my games, you have been warned !
- Version 2.1 -Fixed where games said connecting to developer and not players nameFixed Quest 2 sometimes saying to complete quest 2Chat background button, switch alpha and brightness to see chat text betterUpdated censor and inputs
- Version 2.0 -3 new maps, City, Lighthouse and Graveyard3 new characters, Orca killer whale, Squid and EelQuests added, for exp coin rewards, in Captains Log bookNew chat added, chat, name colours, and commandsNew chest features, hide inside it from players and enemiesHigher texture resolution and qualityUnderwater fog effect added for realismHeal your character from menu with new Heal buttonPlayer limit increased to 32Offline mode added, if no internet or old version, you can still playNew objects in old maps, and adjustmentsYou only lose 25% exp when defeatedRemoved anti aliasing (high graphics)GUI layout and font size adjustmentsDropped coins stay for longerEnemies slowerShark does less damage, appears more oftenHuge optimisations throughoutAuto ban if cheating addedEnemies and object amounts adjustedApp doesn’t close if you minimise itLight wave ripple on floors added (caustics)Animation speeds adjustedSword, Trident does more damage was 10, now 15Controller or touch screen controlsName and rank always shows in-gameTerms section addedQuality adjustmentsImproved version control, server connecting and backup featuresRetry connection button addedCensors improved, developer can mute players now tooAds updated, show less or not at all on paid versionsFixed a perk glitchHost Game button text changes if lots of empty gamesPink coral texture more pinkyHow to make craft page added in log bookFish trail gui speed fixSmall wait when taking damage to prevent rapid deathsGraphics saving delay addedTrails smootherConnection symbol in game listPossible pickup glitches fixedAnd lots more!